Exporting to Africa: DIY Carports

This month we are showcasing DIY Carport Kits that we exported into Africa for four clients.

For client 1, export to Mozambique, we produced and packed 20 Beam Structure Shadeport Domes, to be erected by the client at the premises of Sasol:

Beam Structure Shadeport Domes offer the following benefits:
The beam structure makes it possible to move the drive-in side columns back from the entrance position, thus allowing ease of access and exit without bumping into, or hooking the columns. It furthermore results in a very stable structure due to the beams connecting the columns. Another important factor is that it offers most of the advantages of a full cantilever structure, but at reduced cost.

For client 2, export to the DRC, we produced and packed 33 Standard Shadeport Domes. The client erected the domes on his premises:

Standard Shadeport Domes offer the following benefits:
This is a cost-effective product which is fast to erect, attractive in most settings, available in a variety of colours, with a low initial investment cost. These shadeports are great if you are looking for a budget option. These low maintenance structures will protect cars and other equipment against sun and hail for many years to come.

For client 3, export to Lesotho, we produced and packed 16 Standard Flat Roofs. The client will erect the roof on their premises:

Standard Flat Roofs offer the following benefits:
Aesthetically very attractive, offering a cost effective product with virtually no maintenance for many years.

For client 4, export to Angola, we produced and packed 12 Cantilever Shadeport Domes. The client will erect the domes on their premises:

Cantilever Shadeport Domes offer the following benefits:
It provides open entry sides with no columns, thus virtually no structural damage is caused by negligent drivers.

All our shadeports carry a 2-year guarantee and all our metal carports carry a 5-year warranty!

These projects were produced on time and within budget. All our products are of great workmanship and the materials used are of the highest quality.

Our export products are supported with erection instructions.

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