DIY Kits

Blog: April 2021

Over the years we have had many clients in places in South Africa far away from our factory in Pretoria, in other instances clients in a number of countries in Africa, even in Europe and the United Kingdom. 

The common denominators are that the projects are either not large enough to be done economically over a long distance, or it is simply impractical and/or too costly to undertake projects in other countries.

To cater for clients in distant locations and in other countries, Ecospan Projects has come up with solutions that make it possible to utilise our products almost anywhere.  
We have thus developed the skills to manufacture, pack and dispatch our products to clients, and we have developed easy-to-follow instructions from which our clients have consistently been able to erect our shadeport and steel carport structures anywhere.

The products are designed in such a way that all the work on site can be executed with simple hand tools. It is for instance never necessary to do any welding on site, whilst the most complicated piece of equipment is a hand drill. Some of our products have been erected in deep rural areas.


If required by the client, we arrange for a supervisor to go to the project in order to assist the client and his team to get the project started, and where necessary on big projects, to stay on site as long as necessary.

The provision of DIY KITS and support are available to ANY clients who wish to undertake the erection themselves, thus saving the cost of erection which is payable when a full supply and erect contract is entered into. In some instances kits are required only for components of a product, in other instances we undertake partial erection, while the client secures the balance in KIT-format.

DIY KITS are also an easy way for small entrepreneurial ventures, where the client obtains the DIY KIT from us, contracting to provide a full product service to his clients.


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