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DIY Kits

DIY Kits Blog: April 2021 Over the years we have had many clients in places in South Africa far away from our factory in Pretoria, in...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Single: Shadeport = 2.5 x 5.8m & Steel Carport 2.5 x 5m

Double: 5 x 5m

Trip: 7.5 x 5m

Quad: 10 x 5m

Once a quote is accepted, the material is ordered. Lead time is normally (barring unforeseen circumstances) not longer than 5 working days. Components are then fabricated. The size of the project determine the timeline. Once completed, installation commences onsite.

We typically quote on the information provided, followed by a confirmation site visit if the client accepts the price. For large and complex smaller projects, we do site visits before we quote.

Mainly in Gauteng, but for larger projects we undertake work in other provinces. DIY KITS are delivered countrywide and to countries in Africa.

A Standard carport has 4 columns, 

Whereas a Cantilever only has 2 columns.

Yes, you can choose all colour schemes (paint, shadenet, roof sheets) based on the supplier options, it does not affect the price.

We prefer to use a 90% plus UV block shadenet, being the best value for money, a top-quality product.

Not fully. We generally use the shadenet that is not waterproof, but you can opt to have a waterproof net installed, the latter is more expensive.

We typically use IBR Chromadek roof sheeting (factory painted), offering excellent maintenance free protection. Galvanized only sheeting is also available as well as patented roof sheeting systems.

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