Repairs & Replacements: Shadeports

Newsletter: April 2021

Not only do we erect new shadeports, but we also do repairs and replacements on older shadenets, as well as repairing and/or repainting of steelwork.

When do we repair and when do we suggest replacement of nets? 


At Ecospan we repair any shadenets that are less than 5 years old.
We collect the net, restitch the seams and replace the cables and clamps with new ones. We also repair and/or repaint structures.

We suggest that you replace any nets older than 5 years. The reason for this is that after 5 years, the nets start to become brittle. The older nets tend to keep on tearing at the seams when restitched.

The following pictures illustrate recent repair and replacement projects:

The pictures illustrate the aesthetic elements and quality of workmanship and materials used. These low maintenance structures will protect cars and other areas against sun and hail for many years to come. 

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