Repairs to shadeports

Blog: February 2021


Typically, shadenetting outlasts the life span of even the best quality yarn used to stitch the nets together and for the edge seams.

The shadenetting is slightly abrasive on the painted steel structures, and the latter is also exposed to rain and other elements. The result is that the netting may still be in an acceptable condition when the structures show signs of rusting. Structures also get damaged by careless drivers of vehicles.

To assist property owners with the above, ECOSPAN undertakes the cleaning, repairing and restitching of shadenets, and replacement where necessary. Steel structures cleaning and repainting is undertaken, as well as replacement of screws, bolts, steel wire cables and clamps. Damaged structural steel elements are also fixed or replaced as necessary.

All our shadeports carry a 2-year warranty!

The pictures illustrate the aesthetic elements and quality of workmanship and materials used. These low maintenance structures will protect cars and other areas against sun and hail for many years to come. 

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