Solar Energy Systems: Supply & Install

Delivering quality products for decades to come

We supply and install solar energy systems. This can be done on existing roofs, or by using our specially designed steel carport structures with solar panels mounted on top.

We prefer that our carport structures are fitted with factory painted roof sheeting, and the solar panels are fitted on top. The roof sheeting prevents that the cars underneath get dirty when it rains. Many carport installations offered in the open market do not have sheeting, thus allowing rainwater to freely run through the gaps between the panels which result in dirty water falling on cars.

But, as you will note from the photos we also undertake solar panel installations without roof sheeting if the client so prefers. The difference in energy delivery between carports with roof sheeting and without roof sheeting is minimal. We prefer steel structures which are much easier to maintain in years to come, rather than patented aluminium structures where components for maintenance may be difficult to source in future.

We undertake all sizes of installations and are particularly well equipped to serve the small offices and homeowners’ market. All of our installations are done by our own qualified tradesmen and we do not use or rely on sub-contractors working on arm’s length. We thus have overall quality control in our own hands. 

We undertake all sizes of installations and only use high quality products!

The products we use are also of a high quality as we do not erect or install cheap low quality “corner cutting” products that do not last.

On a life cycle basis our installations are extremely cost effective.

We would be happy to quote on your specific needs, regarding structures, solar panels, switch gear, batteries and the necessary cabling. Your solar system will provide you with free electricity during day light hours, which could be extended into the night if you opt to also invest in storage batteries.

We integrate your solar system with the electricity grid, which is then only used to “top up” when your solar installation capacity is exceeded. The beauty is that you only pay for the grid/municipal electricity when you use more electricity than what your own solar system supplies.

It is important to note that the installation of a solar system “does not actually cost you money”. The savings on your electricity bill will pay for the entire installation within about seven years, whereafter you will have free solar energy electricity for at least the next decade. And, we can organise a financial package for you to cover the entire installation, which can be paid off out of the electricity savings.

The bigger your installation, the more money you will save. It is not rocket science to make the decision to use this free energy source, whilst electricity prices supplied by local authorities are set to keep on rising indefinitely.