The Ecospan Story

Blog: March 2021


Ecospan was established more than 3 decades ago. Originally it was only focused on the supply and erection of its award-winning trough roofing system. Many major projects were undertaken, most notably the OR Tambo Airport parking area, which is still in use after almost thirty years, though some has been removed for expansion of the multi-level parking garages, hotels and offices. A very interesting large trough rough parking area was erected in Pietermaritzburg for Hulamin, all the troughs and ridges manufactured in aluminum, the only of its kind.

Many other major trough roof projects were undertaken, including several trough roof systems that were exported and erected in neighbouring countries.

Over time it became apparent that new opportunities could be created by expanding the product range beyond a single patented roofing system. This led to the development of a comprehensive range of high-quality carports in a diversity of designs. Many high-class projects utilizing our numerous designs have been undertaken, from ordinary residential applications to high end prestige projects for blue chip clients such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Waterfall Park, Premier Foods, Office Complexes, Shopping Centers and Hospitals.


The carport products were expanded about a decade ago by adding shadeports to the product range. A number of excellent products are available and numerous residential and upmarket projects at schools, office blocks, hospitals and shopping centers have been completed.

Ecospan has developed steel structures for solar carports, a variety of designs being available. Several projects have been completed and full solar panel installations are on offer in conjunction with our JV solar energy partners. We are presently also working on supplying residential solar energy packages for smaller projects.

All the Ecospan products are available in DIY KITS. Clients in South Africa sources kits from us, particularly in outlying areas, whilst the bulk of our DIY KIT orders are exported. We have products in a number of African countries, even some as far afield as Spain and England. Detailed dispatching information and erection instructions are provided to DIY clients, which results in satisfied clients over a wide front. If required we also offer supervision support to get projects started.


Ecospan is a dynamic company, offering high quality attractive products to many clients, from small domestic/residential projects, to large prestigious corporate projects. Versatility is created by providing clients with easy DIY KITS, where it may otherwise not have been possible for clients to obtain quality products.

Ecospan Group Status:
Today Ecospan is part of a diversified group of private companies active in land development, health care, education and marketing.

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